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  • Full Name: Cubivore (U)(OneUp).rar
  • Filesize: 1.30 GB
  • Region:
  • Genre: Unspecified
  • File Type: WinRAR Archive
  • File Tags: (OneUp)
  • Points After: -1253 (75 -1328)
  • Downloads: 2827

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  • this is an amazing game. you play as a cube shaped creature that can change its shape and you play over multiple generations of its existence eating things to get stronger or faster or just to regain health. definitely check it out

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  • First game I played on my Gamecube. One of the best games too! Its a shame I had rented it and no Memory card. Now I can't find it anywhere. So if you see this, play the game. Its well worth the time.

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