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  • Full Name: Bakuretsu Muteki Bangai-O.7z
  • Filesize: 6.3 MB
  • Region:
  • Genre: Unspecified
  • File Type: 7zip Archive
  • File Tags: None
  • Points After: 69 (75 -6)
  • Downloads: 1344

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  • Avatar Deleted 2009-07-05

    An amazing level based shooter. You pilot a mech through a level blowing up anything and everything in your way. The controls are very simple and streamlined and easy to master. Highly recommend this game to anyone who wants an excellent N64 title to play. Great arcade action.

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  • The bosses are too easy ,but whatever else is in between is the most unique twin stick shmup ever made.Other than Robotron 2084 .

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  • level 19 and the last level are brilliant

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