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  • Full Name: Mega Man 64.7z
  • Filesize: 38.6 MB
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  • Genre: Unspecified
  • File Type: 7zip Archive
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  • Points After: 36 (75 -39)
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  • Avatar Deleted 2008-06-15

    I'm going to have to disagree with Nightroad. I found this game to be very well scripted for its time. An amazing game which fell short to none of my expectations.

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  • I found this game to be incredibly enjoyable. It can be a weekend rental, easily beatable over a two or three day span, but then you would be missing out on A LOT OF SHIT if you were playing through quickly. It also has great replay value, even if you're playing through the same main story over and over again. There wasn't a single moment in the game I found annoying or unbearable, and the characters are just oh-so-memorable, almost as memorable as the cast of any Final Fantasy game.

    The thing I hate most, not about the game, is how people shun the game JUST because it has bad voice acting. I've played games with voice acting so bad it made me wanna shut my game console off and throw the disc into the ocean (enter Samurai Legend Musashi). I absolutely LOVE the control system, the graphics are more than passable, and the amount of extra collectibles like the Shining Laser, may not stack up to DK 64, but there are enough to make it worth your time.

    If I could go back and change anything about the game, it would be

    1)That its sequel was never released on N64

    2)We've been waiting forever for a sequel to the sequel (more than we've wated after Halo 2 for Halo 3, but not as much as we have for Duke Nukem Forever. Yes MML2 had a huge cliffhanger).

    3) Ahh, I guess the voice acting.

    Great game, I suggest anyone who likes gunfighting action OR megaman OR hidden collectibles try it.

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  • yay now i can kicka** as megaman

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  • An adventure game that puts you in control of Megaman. Unlike your typical Megaman games, you control an Anime-inspirted Megaman and his compatriot, Roll, as they run about collecting treasure. This game can be quite fun, if only for the challenge of collecting many of the hidden items strewn about, but really, this game falls short of being great due to numerous design flaws.

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  • I'm Playing the same title of this game on playstation(Megaman Legend). but in N64 it's looks like a new megaman game. it contain some features that in playstation doesn't. for Me, It's a Great Game!!!

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  • i used to have this when i was 5 years old and loved it then and i still love it. bottem line Megaman is the best.

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  • @SGT.Omaha

    Oh i have been there.. Oh how i have been there before.... Some games do have voice acting so bad that you just cant play it for long before your head explodes from annoyance.

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  • this game freezes after I beat the drill boss which sucks because I really enjoy this game.

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  • Had it as a kid, still remember it as hella fun, and that one game with the kid who had a mechanical arm... can't remember the name.

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