Full Name Pokemon Moon - CIA Version (U).rar
Filesize 1.80 GB
Region USA
Downloads 10919
Can Download No


it does not work i waited for an hour for nothing. infact none of the 3ds games work
It's a CIA version, not a .3ds, so Citra won't work with it. CIA file is an installable file for a #DS that has a Custom Firmware.
What does CIA version mean?
Installable files.
cia means they track what you do
cia files are for custom firmware, .3ds files are for flashcarts
Does this works in drastic after extracting?
This is a 3ds game. Not a DS
or using the 3ds android one?
Does it work on nds 4 ios?
Tried installing 3 times. Failed 3/3. Help?
i heard desmume is able to play this idk if its true can someone tell me
This is 3ds game not nds game, is it work ? This is legit cia, or cia file?