Full Name Pokemon Moon - CIA Version (U).rar
Filesize 1.80 GB
Region USA
Downloads 11948
Can Download No


it does not work i waited for an hour for nothing. infact none of the 3ds games work
It's a CIA version, not a .3ds, so Citra won't work with it. CIA file is an installable file for a #DS that has a Custom Firmware.
What does CIA version mean?
cia files are for custom firmware, .3ds files are for flashcarts
Does this works in drastic after extracting?
This is a 3ds game. Not a DS
or using the 3ds android one?
Does it work on nds 4 ios?
Tried installing 3 times. Failed 3/3. Help?
i heard desmume is able to play this idk if its true can someone tell me
This is 3ds game not nds game, is it work ? This is legit cia, or cia file?