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Full Name CAPCOM Vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 (U)(ECHELON).7z
Filesize 229.5 MB
Region USA
Downloads 3632
Can Download No, need membership to download more than 200MB


Works great! Been playing this for the last hour. Thank you romulation!
Consideraaa !!!
Great Fighter. Graphically the game is amazing. I played it on the NullDC emulator and had no problems getting it running. There were sound issues but that is related to the emulator and not the ISO. Game is great and a must have fighter.
man i thought this was the one with shin akuma and god rugal
best fighting game for dreamcast. sorry Marvel vs capcom 2 you get beating!
what emulator do you use for this game
!Thank you romulation! very very nice games!
great game! worth the download. amazing music and MIGHT actually be better than part 2. runs great on demul (gdi version is best)