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Full Name Skies of Arcadia Disc 1 of 2 (E)(iND).7z
Filesize 390.8 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 13461
Can Download Yes



Amazing game, a few other honorable mentions go out to Evolution 2 and Grandia 2. Absolutly amazing.
this is 1 of the best rpg games ever trust me
this seems like a great game i dont know why but it reminds me of dragon quest heroes on the ds
Immortal classic!!! If you like this try "Nostalgia" on DS...
Will it work on emulator???
could not get this to work :/ tried burning using boot dreams in the alcohol and nero modes, any tips?
More people should honestly play this game.
fine iso... works great with my dc. this is a great and classic game and a must-have for all dc owners =) SoA is similar to final fantasy. it's a classic rpg. you can pilot airships and fight monsters in dungeons...