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No comments yet, so i get to be the first. This is the second best in fire emblem series in my opinion (story wise), too bad the don't release the english version. I encourage you to try downloading the roms and patch it with english translation. (You can find english translation patch in FE Sanctuary, just ask uncle google)
Uhm..how do I use the translation patch??
Best game in the series as far as i'm concerned. It's Great.Roy is da man. If you get the chance, download and patch it, it's worth the time.
There is actually an english transulation for this somewhere else online. As a rom. Unofficial, but great all the same. In any case, This game is one of the best I've ever played, and It's interesting to see how the characters had devoloped in this game (given that the first game I played was Fire Emblem 7). But yeah. 9/10 :D
Fun game. This is Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword.A prequel to Sword of Seals it stars Roy's father Eliwood.