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Full Name 2039 - Riviera - The Promised Land (U).7z
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Region USA
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I have not played this yet, but by the looks it already looks like a gaming milestone. If anyone could tell me, what scenes make it rated the way its rated, like what happens in them? Violence,bad words or what?
I love this game too bad that I'm the only girl at school who know this epic game!
After searching for a long time for a game time play, I ran across Riviera in the GBA Downloads list. I saw screenshots and said, well maybe this will be worth an hour of my time. But after playing it for five consecutive hours, it has shot up the list of one of my favorite games ever. Giving this one an immiortal 9/10 on the GBA, cause the storyline is so rich, you'll wanna keep going just to see what happens next.
One of the best GBA games I've played - it's unlike your typical role playing game. I enjoyed it throughly, and have gone through it several times just because it has a very colorful and deep story, (not that I'm an anime fanatic) (is also a proud owner of one of the very few actual copies of this game) To Kaleadoskope : Two words - bath scenes.
Just something amusing thing I noticed: This appears to be a remake of a Wonderswan Colour game. Thus, laxjoh, we can expect it to have older gameplay as it is a remake.
great game! I love RPG very much. That's why I hate N64!
A good game but not too great. The battle-system is very unoriginal although some aspects during the battle is fairly innovative. The story is the highlight of the game, definitely, as well as distinct and great vibrancy in the characters. Each character has a clearcut quality that defines them separately, and sort of like Harvest Moon you can choose which one to interact with further than others. In terms of storyline and characters, it is very great. However, the gameplay puts a small disappointment because it is simply too "old." When you pick up a game like Riviera, you expect something new and exciting. The gameplay does not deliver that. It is very unoriginal and although many references to Norse mythology made me give some credit to have a foundation to the game, it isn't that great. Don't get me wrong though. This game will definitely pull you in because of the story as well as character interaction. It's just that many times you will think consistently "I wish I didn't have to battle through these things, I just want to see what happens next." It isn't a bad game. Definitely a game everyone should try.
by the images i seen,its good,i'm just waiting to finish the golden sun to start this.
Hm? Two scenes gave it a "Teen" Rating? What were they? Violence? Swearing? Nuuuuuuudityyyyy?
this game BEST!! its like the game Summon Night also BEST !!
I'm gonna download this game....O:
I played this game for about an hour, though it's in no way a "bad" game, I think it's being given a little too much credit. Certainly not the best RPG ever, let alone the best for even the GBA. It's rather linear and doesn't allow for much user controlled exploration. Again, not a bad game, nor the best, it's just good.