Full Name 2551 - Camp Lazlo - Leaky Lake Games (U).7z
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This looks fun but it doesn't work...
Allo All it be me again with a review of this umm so called game... anyway right on the the graphics Ohh god! is all i got to say, it seems all they did was make the most basic possible spite of people form camp Lazo..... are they smiling or do they way white on there mouth T_T.\ game play, the controls are not on the mark they feel lose, and the game play it self consists of going to one place and then coming back over and over, they the play it self even the mini games are boring mainly doing the same thing over and over. sound i can not rate sorry :P i don't have sound but over all i think this game is very bad they did a shocking job. and at raj7092 know what your talking about this game is NOTHING AT ALL LIKE CRASH BANDICOOT Because Crash bandicoot was a good game. this game gets a 2/5
HI you people have it all wrong this game is great, and i would like to see you do any better.