Full Name 2580 - Super Robot Taisen - Original Generation 2 (U).7z
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Amazing series. Just be sure to play the first game before this. Part 2 is much more difficult.
This one is sure a lot harder from OG. Fighting with the inspector, einst and shadow mirrors and also include the NeoDC.
Indeed this one is a lil difficult
Actually it is pretty easy for me than part 1
lol i have to agree with Model A, i found original generation to be a bit more difficult than this one because of the sp regeneration problem -_-. First time i played through OG 1, I didn't had valor and sp regeneration on almost any character which meant instant fail when fighting bosses with high regeneration. Second time i played through (months later) got bored with it and eventually gave it up. Third time i played through OG 1 my pc messed up and lost my save at the last batttle xD. So technically i've never seen OG1 to the end YET I played through OG2 over 25 times o.O. This game is plain EPIC :) is worth every minute of the time u spend playing it, ALSO amazing story great mechs and likeable characters :).
This game is awesome i used to have the original copy but lost it and i beat it on hard 4 times i'm downloading it now so i can try the difficulty level where you can't upgrade
after the first one i wasn't prepared for the sudden change in difficulty. But to continue the saga, i welcomed the challenge !!
first game was exculy easy for me..... training alteisen here....WAS HARRRRDDD but still i beated it. im waiting for super robot taisen og saga endless frontier EXCEED