Full Name Resident Evil 1 Disc 1 (U)(RARE).7z
Filesize 838.1 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
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most terrifying game ever created, with some amazing graphics, even to todays standards.
Best Game Ever
This game is the best remake that money can buy (or roms to download ^^) It has everything a resident evil fan could want. This remake not only has the first resident evil storyline with amazing graphics and sound quality ITS 60% LONGER! that means loads more places to go (mainly in the garden) and LOADS of HARDER puzzles and unloackables! some of the unlockables are really hard, such as a zomibie following you with a bomb straped to it that attacks you but you cant attack it because you get instantly killed from the bombs exsplasion! great game!!!!!!!!!!
hi guys can this work on wii as well?
This is a Resident Evil Remake, working in game cube console and the Dolphin playable, but any issues
Yes this will work on a modded wii using the gamecube backup launcher. THis game is amazing, its what the first game intended to be but sadly due to lack of console specs, failed... massively compared to this.
Great game It can work on emulator Dolphin 4665 good I am interested if this game can work on higher version than 4665 does anybody know about this?
Guys Is Resident Evil 1 like Resident Evil Rebirth??????????????