Full Name All-Star Baseball '99.7z
Filesize 11.7 MB
Region USA
Downloads 1153
Can Download Yes


The game has all the standard features you'd expect in a baseball title such as season play, homerun tournament, as well as the ability to manage and trade players from your team. While the graphics and sound are good there are some emulation issues with text that renders colored boxes instead of information that should normally be there. Batting is straight forward with the ability to open or lessen the swing box for more or less power. Pitching is controlled with the camera buttons which allows you to switch between the standard fast ball, curve, sinker, and screwball. Fielding is straight forward as well and plays solid. All and all it's an average sports title. If you're looking for a real stellar baseball game for the N64 go with Ken Griffey Jr. Major League Baseball instead of this.