Full Name Beetle Adventure Racing!.7z
Filesize 13.3 MB
Region USA
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I love this game. I actually went out and bought this when it first came out. It was my favorite racing game on the N64. I hope Nintendo puts this up for download on the Wii someday!!
I love this game! I actually went out and bought it when it first came out! It's my favorite racing game for the N64! I hope Nintendo puts this up for download on the Wii someday!!!
Look an plays ok itt a good game GET IT NOW!!!!
This is like the best game for the n64, too bad it wont work in Daedalus for the PSP
Game has many problems with emulation. Tried it on Project64 and got a very bad frame rate and when it finally seemed to stabilize it ended up crashing. The game itself is a mediocre racer in the same vein as Automobili Lamborghini was. Where you get a bunch of licensed vehicles that all look and handle the same. The cars controlled like there tires were rubbed down with butter and a lead weight of 1000 tons had been placed in the center of the car. Horrible racer. Pass on this one.
Jim Just wondering...since you said it didn't play properly on your emulator and had a slow frame rate, what are you basing your review on?