Full Name Body Harvest.7z
Filesize 5.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 4192
Can Download Yes


This game is actually really fun but the ROM had problems when I tried playing it with Project64. I kept getting game freezes and crashes. Not sure if it is on my end or not so be forewarned. The game itself has you navigating large areas of a map and completing objectives. The enemies in the game are giant insect like creatures that you have to blast away before they can harvest innocent civilians around you. The game is a blast if you can get it to play.
To all Jim I had the same problem but fixed it Go into the Graphics settings and change the frame buffer to Double buffer VSync, It stopped freezeing and I havn't had any problems with it since, happy bug killing to all :D
Yes! It took me a while but I finally found this ROM having forgotten its name. Despite being seemingly a rushed budget game it was quite a lot of fun in its own right taking place in different eras and in 6 very large worlds. However, I remember on the N64 cartridge I had there was a bug that caused a barrier to the boss on world 4 to never unlock for some reason so I was a too disheartened to start all over so I hope it doesn't happen again. Maybe that's what the manual meant with "easy mode has only 3 worlds" or whatever it said (it was a long time ago). We'll see!
The excitement, missions, vehicles, monsters really add a great atmosphere. A real good game.
Reminds me of GTA III, i really like it!
Ah, I remember this game back when I was a toddler. Great fun :P
Open World ... The first GTA ! :)