Full Name Buck Bumble.7z
Filesize 4.6 MB
Region USA
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You take the role of a bee in this game, surprise surprise, and navigate your way around a 3D environment fighting off other insects and garden creatures as you make your way to the end of the level. Solid gameplay and graphics make for a fun game. Not a bad title.
Ah... this brings back a lot of memories. They had this game in an afterschool club that I used to go to and I played it all the time. This is a really great game. The control is fluent, the graphics are good for the time, the plot is a little weak, but still okay and the gameplay is fun and not to frustrating. My only complaint is the lack of music. There are two songs that I can recall, the theme song and basic drum beat within the game, but apart from that, it's a fantastic game. Definately worth the download.