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BIOS files for the CD add-on to the N64 console.
Wow, didn't know the 64 had a CD add-on. What exactly did it do, where there CD's for games or something?
@Enith Firestar: Just search google for CD64 BIOS and it will direct you to sites that give all the info. I don't know all the particulars but it is an attachment that was developed to play backups. If I remember right all in all there were 4 such devices made in total for the N64. The N64DD which was a consumer based product released in Japan, Dr. 64 which was more a development tool, this, and one other.
This has no use for modern emulation. This is not actually for N64, but the bios for a Japanese-only console, the Nintendo 64DD, which only supported 7 games. The quality was about the same, and epically failed. This doesn't even work in Project 64, 1969, etc... Dont get it.