Full Name 0023 - Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (E)(M5).7z
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this game is great there are combos and a whole lotta attacks. playing a boss is awesome. you can fly the shihps aswell. definately get this game. i had this game and broke my r4 (nothing to do with this game.) wen i got my r4 fixed i downloaded this game again
Well, i actually dont like games which use touchscreen to attack.
ItachiMangekyo: well ...i beg to differ, Ninja Gaiden DS and Moto Racer DS have the best toucscreen controls to date (havent tryed other touch screen ACTION GAMES).you should realy try them out
anyway... try Lego Star Wars Complete Saga ...it is 100x better.these cartoonish type of gfx action games,make me sick to my eyes (ofcourse,exceptions excluded)
You don't have to use the touch screen to attack
EP III it's really good... kinda arcade jedi style fighting!
its so hard to deafeat bosses and lego star wars the complete saga is boring!.Try some games with action or blood.