Full Name 0110 - Lost in Blue (U).7z
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It takes a really good game for me to become addicted to it and that is exactly what has happened with Lost in Blue. I have actually had to set an alarm so that I don't sit and play too long. It was quite hard and very frustrating at first. The game is that you are on a ship (I'm assuming a cruise) and your ship sinks and you wake up on a deserted island and now you have to figure out a way to survive. You find one other survivor but her glasses end up getting broken and so she can't do a whole lot other than stay in the cave you find and make food and do a few other little jobs while you go out exploring and try to figure out how to get off the island all while finding enough food to keep you and her full and still have enough energy for exploring. So far I have had a blast with this game and I haven't even finished it. As soon as I finish this one I plan on moving right now to Lost in Blue 2. I don't know how similar they are but if this one is any indication then I have really high hopes.
This Game Doesnt Work T_T!
Summed up: this is an amazing and unique gaming experience. It was also the first game I had the patience to play through to completion in a long time. Definitely worth playing.
My mate had this game on his R4, i loved it :D
How do i start the fire? i can't blow!
Can somebody please help me?
You start the fire by blowing into the DS mic so if you playing on the PC you are kinda screwed.
Unless you use the mic on a headset for example