Full Name 0405 - Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten (J).7z
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Region Japan
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For those who are not familiar with this title. It is a Japanese dictionary that lets you use the touchscreen to write the kanji/hiragana/katakana you want to look up.
If you are studying japanese, this is, to put it real simple, A Must-have ROM!! Screw Palmpilots and all that stuff, this is, by along way, the only tool you will need! Excellent dictionary and input recognition. ガãÆ’³ãƒãÆ’Æ’ãĠクãÆ’¬ï¼Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ï¼Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ r
This is a really great ROM for those studying Japanese... for those who are just starting to learn the language, you need to know first how to read the katakana and hiragana to enjoy this ROM. One downside that I've encountered is the kanji writing, sometimes it gives you the wrong kanji eventhough you've written it correctly.
When writing kanji, the order in which you write the strokes of the character are important for the recognition software. so even though your character may look identical, if you wrote it the wrong way, it may be read incorrectly.
Absolutely genius! great program
Holy cow. i will download it. think it beats almost any taiwan made palm-os system at the price of the DSLite+game price. ãÆ’­ãÆ’ ãÆ’¬ã‚¤ã‚·ãÆ’¨ãÆ’³, æÅ“¬å½â€œã«ã‚りがとうございます!
I've studied Japanese for a long time (reasonably good, too), and I thoroughly recommend this software. If I forget to take my electronic kanji dictionary to class, this is a handy substitute. Not only that, if I encounter a kanji that I don't recognise, all I need to do is enter in the kanji (or kango) and voila (90-95\% of the time), it's there. Also, @ windam & amducias: That is a problem sometimes, however, if your kanji is close in appearance to what you want, then all you need to do is (I'm assuming that people are using stuff like the R4; I don't know about emulators) touch the kanji with your stylus, and 10 close variants will pop up. 9/10, the kanji that you were looking for will be there, and you can substitute your incorrect kanji with the correct one by touching the new kanji with the stylus. Be warned that this will only alter one character at a time & make sure that your input has not been completely selected (only the one you wish to change), otherwise the character you substitute in will wipe everything highlighted. To make sure that not everything is highlighted (only one character), first touch the bar that the characters appear in (after you've entered them in), then touch character X accordingly. 100/5, fantastic software! Pretty much esssential if you've got a DS and are studying Japanese.
Is there a translator that helps translate sentences and not just words on the ds?