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Full Name 0858 - Death Note - Kira Game (J).7z
Filesize 9.9 MB
Region Japan
Downloads 3317
Can Download Yes


Plz try to find in english!
Its not in english yet
Its never gonna b in english
I heard there's a ROM patch to translate it to english. But I haven't looked for it myself.
Is this a good game ??
Omygosh, I totally love the anime. I'm gonna try the game, but don't speak a word japanese. I've found this guide, and if anyone is looking for one, i'll place the link under my comment. Hope that it'll help me, I'm gonna download the game now. (it's a zip file, btw. ) xoxo .
By the way, if anyone has found a patch to turn it into english, can you send it? and how to patch, because I haven't done it earlier. xoxo .