Full Name 1284 - Pokemon Diamond Version (v13) (E).7z
Filesize 14.0 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 22756
Can Download No


Good,gen IV Pokemon is so great,but need a stronger PC!
This game is really good
This works and saves on no$gba unlike some of the other downloads I've tried. (It only saves if you have a save converter thingy of course) I rate this download 10/10 The game 9/10 Cheers for the rom dude!
This sucks fucking balls
I agree with daniel2, it does Fucking suck, pokemon is like the gayest game in fucking history, especialy this one.
This is the best game ever :D
If it's that gay why have you searched for it and then been sad enough to comment it... x
Exactly, the people who directly search for things just to hate are *F* ing - losers