Full Name 1421 - Digimon World - Dawn (U).7z
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Good game! lol!
I thought it was yet another noobish game you slowly walk around the world and when a digimon pops up you press a and it gets killed. It wasn't anything like that!It's like pokemon, but better because it's not played by the big crowds, so the producers have to make a real good game in order to sell it a lot. That's special about out of the main coolness stream games.
Uhh great gamee but i can really save..anyone have an ideia?
Love it really much it remeber my past from when i was a kid from around 7 á 6 yyears old really love it i cant stop playing
Dude thx i remember watching this show a long time ago and now i am just like... WOW This is a great game! once again thanks!
I still waiting for yhe newest dgimon world game.
Gud advanture game.i wachd digimon 6 years ago.now icant see because tv doesnt show . this is ma 1st digimon game.thanks romulation.
I hope that there is comming a season 6 and a new digimon game digimon is great! thanks for the game:)