Full Name 1421 - Digimon World - Dawn (U).7z
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Good game! lol!
I thought it was yet another noobish game you slowly walk around the world and when a digimon pops up you press a and it gets killed. It wasn't anything like that!It's like pokemon, but better because it's not played by the big crowds, so the producers have to make a real good game in order to sell it a lot. That's special about out of the main coolness stream games.
Uhh great gamee but i can really save..anyone have an ideia?
Love it really much it remeber my past from when i was a kid from around 7 á 6 yyears old really love it i cant stop playing
Dude thx i remember watching this show a long time ago and now i am just like... WOW This is a great game! once again thanks!
I still waiting for yhe newest dgimon world game.
Gud advanture game.i wachd digimon 6 years ago.now icant see because tv doesnt show . this is ma 1st digimon game.thanks romulation.
I hope that there is comming a season 6 and a new digimon game digimon is great! thanks for the game:)
Let's see... They had Digimon Adventures (Season 1), Digimon Adventures 2 (Season 2), Digimon Tamers (Season 3), Digimon Frontier (Season 4), Digimon Data Squad (Season 5)... And they're coming out with Digimon Adventures TRI already, which follows the original kids once more, except they've grown up somewhat (high school I think)