Full Name 1456 - Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass, The (U)(M3).7z
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Region USA
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Great game, no flaws on R4
This game is totally awesome. The game uses Wind Waker's really awesome cell shading graphic design, which looks great on the DS. It's very similar to all the other Zelda's (which of course is a good thing!) except you use the stylus to move Link around his world. You also get a nifty map, which you can freely draw on with the stylus to remember a place you've been, or to just plot out destinations. Give this game a try, it's great. Cheers ;)
This game is a very unique. This is a "must have" game to all NDS owner.
This is great game! Works great and it's one of the best games on ds i know.
Super game.i love link
Awesome game. Really good soundtrack, although I would have preferred different music for each dungeon, like it was since Link's Awakening.
This game totally rules
YES! Wind Waker style for DS totally suits it! SWEET GAME!... im a zelda fan