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Best Turn Based Strategy game for the Nintendo DS i have ever played . The game-play still the same with the original series but more feature added, i just love the new CO unit and Online feature is amazing, now the possibility is infinity . The art-work wasn't colorful like before, but somehow it turn out fine for a serious atmosphere. I love the old music but the new one is good enough. It's a must for Strategy fans. If you haven't played the series before, now is a good chance since it has new story-line. Game-play:4/5 Graphic: 3/5 Audio:3/5 Story-line:3.5/5 Overall:3.5/5
For those who don't know: Advance War is a well-designed Turn Based Strategy, modern war series made by Intelligent System( the one who made Fire Emblem series). The game-play was on square grid map, where you could buy units (which has 10 hp each one), capture cities, control them to defeat your enemies... Each unit has its own strength and weakness, limited in kind of mobility, type of weapons and so type of units they can attack. The game feature many CO-s whose have different abilities for supporting your army. The old games was based on the war of many countries on Micro land.Following is the list of old games in the series: Advance war(Gameboy advance), Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (Gameboy advance), Advance Wars: Dual Strike(Nintendo DS).
Is this Days of Ruin under another name, or..?
Yes, it's the European name for Days of Ruin.
Couldn,t understand a word but my eyes where glued to the screen
Perfect gameplay... Addicting enough for turn based strategy game in DS Very Good character design Various kind of devices Step by step difficulties rise 8.5/10
This one is much better than the one gba has. I like it more. Very detail and graphic are much better.
This is not English