Full Name 2189 - Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (U).7z
Filesize 98.6 MB
Region USA
Downloads 227332
Can Download Yes


It's like the stylus equivalent of button-mashing, only it's actually pretty fun.
Can be awkward to play like a book... It's not bad though, a time passer, waiting for a better game to come along...
The book style is a little weird but different. It's extremly fun, and I finally have it :)
Jesus this game is better than the xbox version... on this there are more upgrades!!!! so im happy anyways, well worth downloading, exelent use of the touch screen.
Best use of the touch screen since zelda.... thanks alot romulation!
The game is really interesting to play with... good game but i wish they used the control pads for the navigating the game like in ffcc ring of fates... but it's a fun game to paly with though
Bad controls unkillable bosses
Agree with Gen51... Well the controls are awesome imo, But locks up at certain parts. Which makes it unplayable.