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Full Name 3050 - Age of Empires - Mythologies (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 99.6 MB
Region USA
Downloads 14250
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This game is fun
This game is really nice and better than Age of Kings. the graphics are good and more features make this game awesome.
the game is great..
I love this game!!!! but it won't work on my r4!!! but its still really good!!!
daster: i dont understand what you mean...what's your point? Final fantasy IS turn based (when in combat mode). Turn based strategies like Rome Total War combined with real time combat is an awesome game - i couldnt immagine a real time wold-map campaign,it would be too easy or impossible to play. Wait a minute,Age Of Empires Mythologies is NOT turn-based ?? some comments suggested that... This game will be good if it is anything like Age of Kings DS
I hate turn based games, I wanted a real age of empires, 1.Dawn of discovery has growing of towns like age of empires, fantasy has fighting style like age of empires, can`t they combine it,
Don't work on R4 card, none of them patchs seem to work some one HELP Pleasee :D
I bought the game before I got my acekard and it is officially and awesome game. I prefer it to AoM on the PC, as it is turn based, which makes it a lot more tactical, as you have enough time to consider your move. It is a good game, but I still think Civilization Revoloution is a better game if you want an turn based strategy game on the DS.
weel,it's a hell to make the game working.i tried all the above websites but not one of them is helpful
its by me could't find the save date please resert the game card ? what they mean with it. i resert it 5 times but it still doesn't work
does it have a free mode where you can like not fight, just build??
I love the pc game! is this as good?