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Full Name 3110 - Fire Emblem - Shadow Dragon (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 36.8 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 29200
Can Download No



btw are there any news on any other FE / FF remakes? please provide any available info thnks
to those who work to obtain rom and preserve this site, many thanks we really appreciate your hard work just be careful out there and god bless
OK so i have downloadd the game from romulation =) thnx heaps , but i dont know what to open the NDS file with ... dont have an emulator for it - can any one recommend where to get one?
one of the best game i ever played for the ds deffenitly a musthave
I see some people not liking this game because some of the actions are gone? Well of course, this is the remake of the FIRST FE game evah! TEH ORIGINAL!! Even then, I still think that this game rocks. I'm kind of happy that the mechanics are slightly different than the past ones, makes my mind think more... even though my mind's already injured from playing this game so late at night ^-^' XD!! FIRE EMBLEM I LOVETH THEEEEE!!!
This is the best game of all time!!!
After i played this game i fell in love with it!! its super! thnx all XP
O.O *.* my favorite game!!! xD thanks
Hey which emulator works with Fire of Emblem? It's SOOOOO frustrating cuz I'm trying every one of my emulator ;p
Man this is a cool game :P
Looks like a gr8 game wish it would download quicker lol
I downloaded it and its not here