Full Name 3110 - Fire Emblem - Shadow Dragon (E)(M5).7z
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Region Europe
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Thanks Romulation for your quick uploads and early releases. Cant wait to play this game. This is the best website for roms on the internet no question!
HELL YEAH, MAN! how do you get them so fast and soon? must be something with the karma....
Now I won't get any college work done for weeks! Damn you and your awesome website!
This is definitively the best site to download roms. Romulation you're as fast as the road runner XD. And this is one of the best strategy games ever, i beated the gba ones and the GC and they where all great games but now to concentrate on the DS one jejeje.
Omg i love you romulation, now i am screwed with all my homework of my senior year for a month, colleges are gunna love that XD
Romulation if you were a person i would marry you
Romulation RULES!