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I was reading about this a few days ago. Nintendo & HarperCollins teaming up to turn the DS into an eBook reader. I think this is a great step forward to further tap the adult non-gamer (Personal Trainer: Cooking is also an amazing non-game title.)
Wow this one interesting NDS just getting crazy
Ummm, the R4 has had the ability to be an eReader for awhile now. not so excited, but thank you for the upload! :)
Can i save the page im up to in it?
Only just seen this advertised on the TV this morning. The DS is definitely going in a different direction now with more adult things.
It's a UK release so english only
This is amazing if this is the way the ds is going for adults then I say bring it on totally in awe at how this works and you would notthink all these books could be here like this endless reading for young and all alike well done
This is totally amazing endless reading fopr old and young alike