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Full Name 3212 - 100 Classic Book Collection (E).7z
Filesize 42.4 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 3393
Can Download Yes



My husband said most of the books are elementary and jr. high reads(although true) its still some I haven't read in the list so I will be downloading. THANKS ROMULATION!
you can bookmark the pages and there interesting i read them all the about 3 times and i am reading them again
does the wifi work on this????????
Thankyou for the list of downloaded books, just a question- are these the books already on the card or the ones which have to be downloaded. Otherwise looks good.
Its German?
r4 already has an ebook reader
Does the european version offer english as a language?
can i have some help i downlaoded this and it wont go on the card ihave a ezflashv plus card and it is downloading as a rar file i am new what dow i do
Is this in German ,too ?
Well there is an artemis fowl collection. Search for flips.
I hear this is coming out in the US around June. Screw E-books, Nintendo should seriously consider doubling the DS as a virtual book now. DS-books is where its at. How about a Harry Potter collection, or a Series of Unfortunate Events collection, or an Artemis Fowl collection, or a Spiderwick Chronicles collection, or Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew colletion?
This is an incredible application for DS! Would like to know If there are more titles forthcoming :).