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Full Name 3593 - Suikoden - Tierkreis (U)(M3).7z
Filesize 173.9 MB
Region USA
Downloads 515815
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This is one of the few RPGS that i actually tried to finish. the only problem would be the voices (main protagonist talks WAY too fast) but thats a small issue.
What are WI-FI features of that games?
Someone mentioned the game freezing up...has anyone else experienced this and, if so, with which card? I'm using R4 and would hate to waste my time only to have the game die on me, I'd rather just buy it since so far I'm really enjoying it.
Lol nice
@Emudude You don't understand do you? We all have a copy of the game and are just downloading a backup. Me? I usually get buy the EU and the US version, you know. Just in case so I have a "double positve" copy. :)
Its big because theres a lot of cut scenes that include video. Pretty good quality.
Love this game.... but i'm currently playing the europe version... what's the difference by the way??
I downloaded this yesterday, in a position where i'd barely even heard of Suikoden and just considering giving it a go as I was in that kind of mood. Today, I was up till 3(2 without time change GMT) in the morning just playing it. I went about 4 hours straight on it. The game is absolutely goddamn amazing and I absolutley LOVE it. I recommend this to anyone looking for a nice long game or any RPG. I really love the way that it's presented in battle like a real time game but is really turn based. And Yeah, the voice acting is pretty fast (i'm alright because I always speak to people who speak faster than that) and the main protaganist's voice is quite annoying at first. Then you just live with it because the game is so good.