Full Name 3783 - Pokemon - Platin Edition (G).7z
Filesize 21.3 MB
Region Germany
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That is it of the French version? Sorry for my English, I use a translator...
@Ptdr: no. it's the german version. :)
I'm sure the other versions will be released shortly after. Just be patient. I'll be buying the game anyway, even though I have an R4..............Can't bring myself to download a ROM of it >\_
French Version is the next newest ID, #3784
I've got a problem :/ I'm at the point where I have to go to the Torn World, but as soon as I try to enter the Torn World, the only thing I get are two black screens x\_x (There is sound, though). I'm playing Platinum with my R4 Revolution card :/ Can someone help me please?
There was some random controversy about this one, censoring out (or removing) the slot machines. (Not like anyone USED those anyway...)
Its a realy good game!
@insanecrazy07: I think, that's the german version, where the slot machines were cut out, because in Germany, you are only allowed to play with them, when you are 18 or older...