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Full Name 3856 - Air Traffic Controller by DS (Zen Series) (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 5.5 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 1443
Can Download Yes


Cool game. Like NanoStray except better. Cool graphics and nicely cell shaded. Awesome weapons. Stuck on level 4 though.
What? weapons ? on a game named "air traffic controller"? are we still living in 9-11??? *sigh*
No pictures? Or a game box cover? I tried googling it to no avail.....
Oh a shooter, I just presumed this was a very late port of Air Traffic Chaos to Europe.
This version of the game was released in the United States by Majesco under the name Air Traffic Chaos. ^ information from wikipedia
I remember this being on the Australian news a while back, and i think i remember this being made by an Aussie. Yay for us Aussies!
What the hell? is this a cell shaded shooter or just air traffic chaos?
This is just air traffic chaos, stop being idiots guys and confusing the nubs