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Full Name 3856 - Air Traffic Controller by DS (Zen Series) (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 5.5 MB
Region Europe
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this game is good for people with pationce and it is a realy good game
Great ATC game. Not for kids...
iamdeadmeat you are so right GO AUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!!
its a ripoff of air traffic chaos. wtf did this to majesco?
so far, so good for me. mmm... wonder if there are other good atc games around for the ds? i love this one!
very goood
The only level I was able to get through is level one...the plane chaos always ended with planes crushing into each other for me...
Just a late air traffic chaos :(
This is a great little game. Nothing to do with Nanostray (another great game)or any other scrolling shooter. Take the roll as an Airtraffic controller and bring planes in for landing whilst taxing other planes to the same or adjoining runway for take off. Simple mind engulfing fun. Watch out for air collisions. 7/10
It is old school space arcade shooter. I don't know what air traffic chaos is, but this game is cool.
So to confirm then- this is Air traffic choas but with a different name? not a shooter?
Excellent game!