Full Name 5584 - Pokemon White Version (E).7z
Filesize 57.4 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 288364
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This game is awesome, the only thing is that you can't find it with search on pokemon.
i just passed pokemon black wole and now goona start that =) i know they are same butt awsome overall thanks romulation.net
This game doesn't freeze at all so that is awesome thanks ROMULATION.net :)
Is this version of the game in English? :/
Someboby please help how to boost up the Hp and level of a pokemon in white and black version .
is this game in english?
well I just found out the hard way, black crashes after the 2nd town so im here now. lol good game tho which is why im getting white.
this game is awesome, i caught a wild sawk in it