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Full Name XXXX - Inazuma Eleven 3 - Sekai e no Chousen! The Ogre (J) (ENG. TRANSLATED 0.6) (BAHAMUT).7z
Filesize 319.9 MB
Region USA
Downloads 256534
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Is it using english or still using japanese language?
guys this game is English on the beginning but in the ninth chapter to the end its Japanese
The game is pretty good, but I really would prefer if they got the English version done.
this game is not fully translated?
About 5 minutes into the game, its all in japanese I'm afraid. So if you think this is a fully translated version, don't be fooled. The only english version of this game is the digital download of Inazuma Eleven 1.2.3 Endou Mamoru Densetsu available on 3DS eshop.
It's mostly translated, the main characters, items and moves atleast, side stuff ain't but it's good enough to be playable. Too bad you can't type a proper name and such. I just put "???" as my name for fun :D ppl made tutorials on how to unlock special characters, you just need to copy them, no need to know what teh characters are actually saying :)
This is one of the best NDS Rom....
How much is this game translated
chapter 1___chapter5
I downloaded 2 inazuma eleven ogre in english at another site i got only jap language but this translate is is not complete but it is good than other patches.
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