Full Name XXXX - Pokemon Volt White 2 v1.1 (U).7z
Filesize 69.2 MB
Region USA
Downloads 276553
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I like it the only thing thats buged me was that the pokemons moves have been tampered with other than that it a good hack.
What do you mean by the tampered moves? Is there a glitch on it?
I'm guessing this is the complete version. This means that the creator added and changed a few things to make it better. If you want, you can download the vanilla version of blaze black 2, which doesn't have these mods.
Is it the same as the pokemon black hack?
is this pokemon white 2
upgraded version of white 2
is this reshiram or zekrom?
Amazing, I love the Pokemon games, and would highly recommend this one!
FYI these are not hacks they are roms
this games fun. if you want it, go for it
These hacks are so fnantastic Thank u ROMulation!