Full Name XXXX - Pokemon White 2 (U)(Mawile).7z
Filesize 74.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 38538
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Use the patch in the related files tab.
Anyone cool enough to upload Pokemon Black 2 (US) ? Anyway thanks for the rom, a decent guide for the patch would have been nice, i was still able to figure it out though..
Apparently this patches the other problems. I can't confirm as I haven't tested yet.
ok i found it if you get the file and patch it with your rom you get exp without the file an not patched rom no exp just do it, it is simple
good game just patch it with xdeltagui and you wil be fine try to use ysmenu 6.85 if it doesnt work
The rom works fine in my r4i dual core the exp thing all!
Patch Guide for the Perplexed: Download and extract all the files in the .rar to a folder. Put the unpatched ROM in there too for convenience. Run xdeltaUI.exe. The "Apply Patch" tab should be open. Point the patch to: PW2-AP_Patch.xdelta Source file is the Pokemon White 2 ROM Output file can be named anything you like. I just called it "XXXX - Pokemon White 2 (U)(Mawile)(Patched).nds" (no quotation marks, obviously) Click Patch. Wait a bit. Done. So far, I haven't gotten it to work on my R4i-Gold Cart or NO$GBA 2.6. If anyone has any advice for me, let me know. Enjoy
Patched and all. Haven't gotten it to work yet on my R4i Gold Cart (r4i-gold.com) Tried the YSmenu approach (format microSD with the Panasonic SD Formatter 3.1, install YSmenu 6.85 for my cart) I get an "Unsupported DLDI Name" error in YSmenu when trying to launch anything.