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Full Name Ace Combat 3 - Electrosphere [U] [SLUS-00972].7z
Filesize 289.5 MB
Region USA
Downloads 30842
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great game
if i wanna play this game in a psx emuler what archives do i have to copy in a cd? because the file i downloaded from here has two files, one .bin and the other it's an image. If someone can help my with this. I really want to play this game
its is really the greatest air comp. game ever comes on psx
I agree with that, it is a must for all PS one fans What year did the game on the market? I have had it when I was little and it broke with the years, you know it´s been scratched and must have a new one to it. Please help
Is anyone still trying to find the Japanese version of this game??
This game is great, you just need the epsexe emulator then you can click on any of the 2 game files and it will work
never play air-battle so much fun and challenging like this before, never play previous ace combat series too.., i finish this game with so much joy in console 3/5 years ago and i play this again now with EPSXE the joy still buzz!!! you that think a rookie will be play this well, and off course it'll be addicted sometimes....heee yaaa
best flight simulator for people should play this one :D
nothing can beet the ace combat games
One of the greatest I've ever played.
It's an great air combat for PSone
the best flight game for psx i reccomend it for every psx owner