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Full Name Azure Dreams [U] [SLUS-00614].7z
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One of the "gold nuggets" Konami made, I've completed the game multiple times and never get bored of it. It's really a shame we will not see anymore games like these...
Download this game , And you will never regret the Points you've spend .Addictive yes , even I Never Played this game in PlayStation Consoles . Anyone Can Help me with This Game ? :D
I played this as a kid. Man, I never really got far but it was one of the few games that I couldn't forget about. It's really addictive.
Man, This game is classic. I remember playing this when I was 10 and was super-addicted to it. If you like RPG's, then plan to sacrifice many hours to playing this game! but is that a bad thing? A must have for an RPG enthusiast.
When you are new to this game its very hard, you will probably die a LOT in the beginning, but if you keep playing it, it starts to get very addicting. its not really a story driven game, mainly advance through the tower at a snails pace making money to upgrade the town. the towns people think you're a nobody hooligan, prove them wrong as you make the town a better place. Make multiple girls fall in love with you and have your own Harem, Find monster eggs as you advance the tower, hatch them and use them as pets. IMO: The Anime "Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk" which is based off Namco's old arcade game "The Tower of Druaga" resembles this game.
One of the few examples of a Rogue-like on the Playstation, but with a Pokemon monster collecting twist, a dash of SimCity and dating-sim. (these last 2 elements are very minor though) Typical Konami soundtrack means that the music is very enjoyable, doesn't get boring fast. It was one of my favorite games ever on the PSX, and is worth the download.
lol um my mini map in the tower doesnt work anyone else got this problem?
Fantastic game, always will be. regretfully i've never finished it (to young to understand properly when i had it on PS1 and never really had the time or patience to complete from ISO) and Konami have announced that they are going to release Azure Dreams on the DS. So one of my favorite games of all time is comming to my favorite, current, handheld.
honestly wish they'd make another azure dreams in another world or something, this game was awesome, very addictive,its true there wasn't much of a story line but it was alot of fun to play, apparently in the japanese version you could actualy marry 1 of the girls, thats why there is so much romance and you have to gradualy do things to make the girls like you more and eventualy fall in love with you, unfortunately they cut the marriage part out of the english version, big mistake, the game would have been even better had they left it alone.
This is one of my favorite games of all time, and always will be. Girl: "Hello!" Your choices to respond: "No." "Hello." "I'm running away." :D
i thought this was a truly amazing game for the lack of storyline and a rather repeatative dungeon but for some reason it was rather addictive thought they really should've taken off some of the disadvantages of leaving the tower
This game is probably in my top 5 all time games, if solely because as a kid I was completely addicted to it. The controls take a little getting used to (8 directional moving always does me in), but after that's learned, it's fairly easy. Fun to get new monsters and there is near unlimited growth potential for all your monsters (though you'll always give your familiar, Kewne, all of the stat-raising seeds I'm sure), and fun up to the top of the tower. The storyline is poor at best, but it's a dungeon crawler.