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Full Name Blaster Master - Blasting Again [U] [SLUS-01031].7z
Filesize 319.3 MB
Region USA
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This is an excellent game. I didn't like the old SNES version,but this game blows it away. Much better game. Still one of my fav PS1 games.
I have played this game many times and I still love this game
I agree, this is a good game. I've played it on the PS1 when I owned it and I still love it. The bosses were a bit tedious, yes, but the game was fun overall.
Wow - neat little game. I say that because unlike some other PSX roms, this runs buttery smooth on a low powered laptop. Definitely a nice alternative to Minesweeper or Solitaire for boring spells at the airport! Anyway, the gameplay is very reminiscent of the original NES Blaster Master (which you should play if you haven't - one of the most underrated classic games out there) but with a totally updated feel due to the 3D approach. There's a marginal learning curve that is for the most part circumvented with a decent controller, but overall a very straightforward shooter. Puzzles are not too frustrating, and the bosses can still be fairly tough - straddles the line between mindless and challenging fairly well. Thanks to Romulation for this - an overlooked bit of nostalgia.