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Full Name Breath of Fire III [U] [SLUS-00422].7z
Filesize 70.1 MB
Region USA
Downloads 189835
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haha this game is sweet and its small size so fast download, 5 outa 5
This game is quite good, a good Jump-off the last Breath of Fire with a great Two Dimensional-Three Dimensional atmosphere, I only just started playing, But I'm sure I'll enjoy Breath of Fire III as much as I enjoyed Breath of Fire II. Definitely a must have for Fantasy lovers. 9 stars out of 10.
This game may not have excellent graphics. But dont be fool by that. It is really a game that worth spending your time on. It has many features that keeps you playing. I still remember my first time playing it, I was so sad that I completed the game. I wash the game would go on without an ending. Trust me, this game worth a 5/5
Sweet game, too bad the iso doesn't work. Try somewhere else.
An amazing game. I have played this game quite a few times, each time with different characters in my party, so the replay value stayed in effect. If you are unfamiliar with BoF3, here are some highlights: * The "Master" system - Each character can apprentice under a variety of Masters, which lowers some stats upon level up, but further increases others. This can make characters into fighting or magic types as per your preference, and can also teach skills that can't be learned elsewhere. * The "Sim" aspects - Later in the game, you are given the option to make your own city, complete with different shops and activities to do. * Skill learning - You can learn skills upon level up, but also by watching monsters and having them use the attack on you. * Your lead guy can turn into a dragon! In order to determine what type of dragon you morph into (and it's element and stats), you search for dragon "genes". When you want to turn into a dragon during battle, you simply pick 1-3 of these, and that will determine what dragon you are. The dragons each have unique appearances and skills, so you'll enjoy them!
A very fun and challenging game. The story is also very intriguing and has several plot twists you never see coming. The minigames (especially the Fairy Village) are also fun and rewarding. This will be around for years, and for those that don't know, there is also a PSP Port of it.
I only just got yhe emulator working, and my firend has just started and they love this game! this is an excellent game.
This is a very good game. Was the first RPG I played on the PS One, and I instantly fell in love (figuratively speaking) with how good it's storyline is. FF VII had a good storyline, but was over-hyped (not necessarily over-rated). BoF3 and Lufia 2: RotS (for the SNES) are two overlooked (and sometimes under-rated) games that both deserve the attention of anyone that consideres themselves RPG fans.
An excellent download and very enjoyable game. The entire BoF series is right up there with the FF series with me! I miss these pixelation games, this was from the era when rpgs truely rocked! A must download for the old school tradition rpg with a great story, full world to explore, and splicing system in battle that never gets dull. If you enjoy treasure hunting, this game has your back!
Yea i doubt you'll find everything in the first playthrough this game gets a 5/5 from me since it has stuff that other rpgs never had and still to this day its hard to find a game that competes with this one
Guys, you should definitely try this lovely game. It has a lot of interesting features in it and you'll really grow on the characters because most of them are really fun. The story is amazing and I promise you won't be disappointed. The mini-games are cute and the dragon splicing during battle makes things even more enjoyable. Not to mention that the world is really colorful and if you're an explorer type, you won't grow tired of it. The dungeons are not too big so it won't drive your patience away and it's really fun to grind level compared to other RPGs. There's a decent amount of secrets in it as well! Be sure to open your eyes to them if you're going to try! 5/5 rating, of course.
Great game love it. however the image file has one corrupt file in it. "world01/area63" (might be area64 cant remember exactly). after the first visit to wyndia, trying to enter an "!" area on the map the game sticks at the black screen before it would normally load the area.