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Full Name Bust-a-Groove [U] [SCUS-94263].7z
Filesize 229.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 29681
Can Download Yes



Game Type:Dance Game The original Japanese game was titled Bust a Move:The game combined PaRappa the Rapper-like rhythm-based gameplay with fighting game elements, including special moves designed to damage the opponent and a focus on head-to-head competitive play. There is a third "obscure" version of this game that was released Japan only for ps2. I used to say that is a obscure version cause i used to play that game a lot and i saw in a game magazine here in my country but i could not find it , but this days is easy to found it is a good version but not so funny as the first and second bust a groove .
One of my Favorite games ever.....A Wonderful soundtracks and an acceptable texture quality (back then) really cool to enjoy the times when i was like 16
Hi! I've been playing Bust a Groove on the PSX console itself and the problem with playing this game in an EMU is tha the timing is off. When playing it in he console the game is beat sensitive, meaning you have to count the beats by 4 (ex: 1-2-3-O , 1-2-3-x). When you get to play this is an emu, you can't count the beats anymore so the game really kinda sucks. But if you're a fan, it's worth the download. I personally just like to hear the soundtrack and watch them dance.
whoever said 'why is it not in .nds format' is an idiot. this is a ps1 game!!! gosh...
I can't download this game! T^T I've been dying to re-play this game, please someone re-upload this game. My download always ends at 100 MB.
why is that i already downloaded it i put it in the psp/game folder then after i check it it is corruted data?why is that smone answer me
iiiii really love this game it help me a lot a lot with my 4/4 tempo skills
this game is very good!!!!
ive been lookin 4 this game since i first played it at my cuzns house, i just couldnt remember the name. i really hope this works!
I get stuck when i click download T^T
Why do i get stuck in the main screen? (EPSXE)
This is not in .NDS form (?)