Full Name Chrono Cross Disc 2 of 2 [NTSC-U] [SLUS-01080].7z
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Verry Nice :)
I managed to download it just fine and it works.
this is ma best game ever
(Sorry about my bad english, I'm Chilean) Long time ago, on my old Super Nintendo system, I manage to borrow a Chrono trigger cartridge, and I finished it in 2 weeks! (2 unforgetable weeks). Then I always wanted to play the sequel (it is the sequel, right?). I guess it's time to DO IT AT LEAST!!!
Cant change my CD.... When I change it... My game crash... Can anyone help me? =(
why dont you search the game on google in one iso file , run it load your file from the memory card go to the place when the game requests to change disc and it will be skipped , then save your game on the memory and run the second disc this way the game dont crashes it worked for me
what is the difference between disc 1 and disc 2?
for me... this is the top 1 RPG games in ps1! :D