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Full Name Crash Bash [E].7z
Filesize 65.0 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 29888
Can Download Yes



I LOVE THIS GAME! I have cheat for this. CHEAT MENU!!! Do left right left right right left right right right left right right right right left right right right right right In Main Menu. You will hear a sound. Then goto play and go pause menu and you will have Cheat Menu. NOTE: If you are using emulator, you will have invisible Pause Menu :P ENJOY!
I had a demo of this, and loved it! I bought the copied disk and completed it 138% ^_^ It recently broke and I'm glad I found this. Romulation, I love you ^_^
man i hate this one it was the worst release ever it was worst then CRASH 4
i used to have the original disc XD i love it so much
A very underrated Crash Game. I like it :)