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Full Name Crash Team Racing [U][NTSC-U] [SCUS-94426].7z
Filesize 266.1 MB
Region USA
Downloads 400107
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Whats the password
Hey when i go play this game and select the adventure mode something is wrong the mask appears and he needs to explain how to play but he just appears and do nothing and i cant do anything i downloaded 3 CTR's from different websites but still the same problem
Very cool!
I have same problem. when i go to adventure game......
What a nice rum
To solve the problem check all the boxes in the sound work for me Great game, i never finished in my ps cuz the last level was too hard for me
WOW....this game runs real do i adjust the speed of the game...cuz this is some eye watering sheeeit lol
What is the password??? please,, i really want to play this game.... thanks before.....