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Full Name Crash Team Racing [U][NTSC-U] [SCUS-94426].7z
Filesize 266.1 MB
Region USA
Downloads 400175
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I like this game its a good game i got this game back when i was little now i can play it again
i was searching for this game for so long :) best psx game ever!
This is STILL one of the best cart racing games out there. I love this game and have loved it since I first got it. A fun, easy, and humourous game to play, great for young and old alike.
It freezes on adventure mode.
you have no isea how many years that i have been craving this game, And finally.... IT IS MINE hahah
Nice game! I have also encountered the same problem, i found a way to solve it using PEOpS DSound PSX SPU Audio Driver, make sure the SPU IRQ which handle irqs in decoded sound buffer areas is ticked. Then see the intro whether it loops or it continues the intro, check every race tracks does contains music.
This is wayyyy better than nitro cart
Its a Very good game