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Full Name Darkstone - Evil Reigns [U] [SLUS-01182].7z
Filesize 431.0 MB
Region USA
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I bought this game off Amazon because it was apparently like Diablo for the PSX. (There actually IS a Diablo game for PSX, but that's not the point.) It certainly plays like Diablo, complete with limited backpack space. It's not bad, but there's one thing I don't like about it: You need SIX MEMORY BLOCKS in order to save. I've NEVER heard a game needing THAT much space. I ended up deleting the save file in order to make room for other games, as I only have two memory cards. All in all, it's decent, as long as you know what you're doing.
Six blocks it´s still ok. Some games took even all 15 blocks.(e.g.Diablo,Hexen and few others older PS1 games).
awesome game, i've been looking for this gamesince i was 4, now i'll get it, but it'll be tough, cuz i've never played it on a computer, anyway, it'll be funnnnnnnnnn
i missed this game!
yeah, it looks like diablo
WOOOW O_O this is like diablo with 300% better graphics THANK YOU!!!
Wonderful game, I'll download it as soon as I have 50 more points! Unfortunately it is american, while I'm italian and I always played with the italian version, but is not a problem since I've got a good english. After all, it is a very rare game. Thanks Romulation!
this is a very great port from the PC version, i OWN this game =D one thing i disliked about is that sometimes when you changed screens the game had a chance to freeze, though that might have just been my old playstation couldnt handle the game ( i had one of the very first playstations)
Hmm.. Darkstone is one of the best games I've ever played! Well, almost every quest here are not quite challenging but it's worth an accomplishment because of its great rewards like a good weapon or an amulet. You better try this too!
ah Dark stone still have it on CD fairly long game that plays like Diablo, loot sell buy beter equipment and kill sums it up only problem i ever had with it was load times...
My wife LOVES this game, i never heard of it untill we got together. I give it a two and a half out of five and she gives five out of five!
Darkstone is one of my favourite games !! ;] Romulation is the best site LONG LIVE!