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Full Name Digimon - Digital Card Battle [U] [SLUS-01328].7z
Filesize 80.1 MB
Region USA
Downloads 36419
Can Download Yes



This game is very fun, challenge, and well worth playing. this game will keep you interst of playing this game longer. if you play yu-gi-oh, then this game make it easy for you
This game is great... but Yu Gi Oh Forbiden Memories is greatest... DOWNLOADING!!!.... n___n
monday in my country(indonesia), i can't download T_T
thank you im looking this game ow
i prefer this than yu-gi-oh! forbidden memories (too complicated)--
@metin2 ya that games ok...but if your not a good stagist on it you lose...easyly...but this game is basicly digimon world 3's card battles
this game is great, simple, intuitive, good music, and easy to finish, owh yeah i forgot to mention addictive
is this really cool? I was planning to download it but it's my last points maybe I'll try it!!! I hope its working!!!
this is great game of digimon in Playstation... i have the disc game... it's cool... even have take all the deck and will can get 3 special digimon for each deck... hahaha...
random78: u should try play this game on ur pc just go search for epsxe 1.6.0 and delta to config it i play almost every game of my ps game collection on my pc although i owned a ps :DDD
i like this card game
hi, im gonna sound like noob when i say this but can i get some help with burning this to a disk. i downloaded it and burned it to disc using poweriso but when i played it on my modded ps2, it went to the memory card menu and i selected ps1 disc but after that all it showed was a black screen. HELP!!!!