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Full Name Dino Crisis [U] [SLUS-00922].7z
Filesize 206.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 29737
Can Download Yes



well that sucked, not the game, the game by far is awesome, its jus when i freakin downloaded it the file was messed up, wasted my points jus to get a lil message hahahahaha, wow, major bummege
a very awesome game, i have the PC version with Japanese Language, but beaten it 3 Time with all the endings. and now want to beat it in English version. ten of ten
Games a crack, the game is super good and fun. But this file is broken, "Broken Crisis".
when using my psx1_13 emulator when "This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore." the game will not run any further.
The game runs but when i push the STAR button it doesn't run
i love this game i use to play it when i was tiny kid ... so How i can burn this game . so that ican play it on my ps1 give me advice :D help me by finnish boy :( i really want to learn how to burn ps 1 games i got mod system on my ps1 so i just have to learn burn them :( HELP ME Finnish boy
a very good game i finished it the first day i downloaded it worth the points
anyone notice the first pic is from resident evil 3? considering you can unlock her in the boutique
what version of the psx do you have? that makes it stop at "this game contains"
It stops at the "This game contains..." for me to.
i have the same problem. the game stops at "this game contains..." need help.
Sued by whom, exactly?!? Dino Crisis and Resident Evil are both developed and published by Capcom!