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Full Name Duke Nukem - Time to Kill [U] [SLUS-00583].7z
Filesize 150.7 MB
Region USA
Downloads 32221
Can Download Yes



Duke nekem took any type of platformer it could and made every type of game possible of this franchise. This for instance reminds me of the tomb raider gameplay, and duke nukem zero hour on the N64 took a more syphon filter approach. But love this game
great game dues it have sound i found another copy of this game has half of the sounds duse this one have all the sounds working??
when i click the download button then the download from north america i get "cant read page" what do i need to do?
first duke nukem game ive played. ive actaully played this when i was 6. crazy times. but in all seriousness this is true classic
i can remember completing this game when i was 8 ha the good old days :)
This game is nice. I'ts my favorite game on the psx console.
i've still got this one on original somewhere, what belter, this makes tomb raider look like tellytubbies, duke's hard as owt...i like the intro theme too, stabbing westward - the thing i hate...awesome stuff
lol at the second pic
best duke nukem for the psx.
man i loved this game when i was little, yeah probably shouldn't have been playing it when i was that young but aw well
Big ass guns, gun-wielding wild hogs, jetpacks, steroids, and STRIPPERS. o yeah. Duke Nukem baby.
I love this game i like how they mixed that tomb raider feel with the gun toting DUKE NUKEM this is truly an original.