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This is the game i spent the most hours playing on my PSX,i think like 12+ hours straight, is not just the fact that is a very addictive game but the thing is that you CAN'T SAVE in the middle of the campaign ,lucky you, now there's emulators and you can save anytime.
I spent a lot of hours playing this game and I played it patiently. As time goes by, this game is getting even HARDER not because the enemy is tough. It is because the miner is too slow to harvest gold and the production process is slow.
This what I want hahhaha. CooL....
oow maan!!! this is what i want!! thanks for you everywhere you are!! ^^
My Best Favorite Game All Dune Games REal Time Strategy Are THe Best
is great absolutely great
well i have played it on genesis emulator, and now i tried in psx, and its better