Full Name Final Fantasy IX Disc 1 of 4 [U] [SLUS-01294].7z
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Region USA
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I don't like its ability system since you can get it from a weapon
My favourite game of all time. had a sickening urge to play this just now, found the game, found my note book with previous plays hints in it, found my playstation, didnt find a play station 1 memory card... just my luck. so the next best thing, EMULATOR!! love you romulation. this game rocks most of the final fantasy games. and the card game is awesome, loved that, was dying to see a new card game similar to this in later FFs but none came, we got "blitzball" and other meaningless games. i hope FFXIII has a card game!!
The best Final Fantasy game on the PS one and possibly of all. A nice change of pace from the bleak and boring characters of FF7 & 8. Characters actually have unique moves, so they aren't just things to hold materia or espers. Definitely an awesome game
Great game, great ROM. I love this game so much.
The first Final Fantasy game I have ever played. It is great and the story rocks!
This game works fine. i beat disc 1 using this on epsxe and had no problems
Yeah, the disc 1 works fine so far, just got stuck on the CG cutscene where the airship takes off in dali, but got past it by using psxeve, everything is ok
First and best jrpg for me